Love your Life, Live your Bliss


Cadine Navarro & Tara Kaur

Dimanche 5 mai
de 17h à 18h30

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Get ready to Re-Align your intentions by planting your seeds of Self Love. Sow the seeds of self love through this special Kundalini kriya, Breath work, Mantra, Movement, Alchemical Group work and deep relaxation. Come prepared to:

o Release stressful/limiting subconscious thought patterns

o Create a new transformational pattern through group consciousness

o Integrate through deep relaxation and Self Love.

Dive into this transformation work with your guides, Kundalini Yoga Teacher Cadine Navarro and special Guest teacher, Tara Kaur from Rama Institute in New York city.

Cadine Navarro (MA) is a visual artist, university professor and Kundalini Yoga teacher. She is an internationally exhibited visual artist whose work has been largely informed by her Kundalini training which connects to thought-form and sound. Recent and upcoming exhibitions include the Venice Biennale for Architecture, Contour Biennale in Belgium, and the Museum of Nature  and Hunting in Paris. Over the last three years she has also been training in permaculture design which structures her interest in body/mind/nature systems.

Tara Kaur (Tami Rodriguez, M.S.), communication scientist and intuitive healer comes to us from New York City, where she considers her classrooms a laboratory of transformation. She has been teaching yoga therapy for more than 10 years. Deeply intuitive, Tara generously shares her gifts of Alchemy through group interactions and movement. Tara has been recognized for years as an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT500) by the Yoga Alliance®. Her methods of instruction include: Kundalini, Hatha, Pre-natal and Restorative yoga. She is innately gifted in determining the needs of her students and works to expand bliss within each participant. It is truly a privilege and life altering experience to practice under her guidance. Come spring into this re-alignment as you expand your capacity to relax and receive a higher state of joy and contentment.

Isabelle Chabeur