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Family Constellation & Kundalini WorkshoP

Sunday october 29th | 13h45-16h45

Join us for this special afternoon of Family Constellation Work and Kundalini Yoga with two international teachers Andrea Davis and Caroline Benezet.

Family Constellation Work is a spiritual therapeutic technique designed to heal at a level far below the conscious mind, into the realm of the soul. From this place of authenticity, a view of your own life and the true nature of your relationships is revealed.

Andrea will work with volunteers one-on-one, which will lead to insights both for the participant and the group as a whole.  

Caroline Benezet will lead a master class in kundalini yoga, using breath, movement and mantra to prepare the way for this opening of the body and the psyche.

The workshop will begin with kundalini, followed by participation and witnessing of family constellation work, and conclude with a gong bath.

The class will be in English.  All levels of practice welcome.  No previous experience is necessary.  The results are immediate and will be felt in the room.

Prix : 55 euros
Réservations : https://www.lecentre-element.com/ateliers

Andrea-Davis profile pic.jpeg

Andrea Davis is a gifted intuitive facilitator of Family Constellation Work from Los Angels, Ca.  Her work is used worldwide by individuals, couples & corporate retreats.  She is a consultant for psychotherapists, medical doctors and dharma teachers.  

Website: Familyconstellationwork.org

Caroline Benezet picture.jpeg

Caroline Bénézet stumbled into her first Kundalini yoga class in 1997, in NYC where she lived for 20 years.  She now divides her time between Paris and Biarritz, inspiring students with weekly classes, workshops and retreats.